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Proper Valve Stem Packing and Routine Maintenance

May 15, 2017 10:10 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

A poorly packed valve is a valve that’s more prone to rupture or leakage—it’s a simple case of cause and effect. Conversely, a properly packed valve is going to hold up against industrial demands better, for longer—especially if it’s paired with an adequate level of routine maintenance during repacking. Take a look at how to properly pack a valve stem and what types of routine maintenance steps should be taken to ensure it’s a job well done: Close off valve: Before repacking a valve, make sure the gate is closed off completely. As with any valve services in Utah, closing the valve prevents flow during critical repair or maintenance. Extract existing packing: Once the stem has been disassembled, it’s important to thoroughly clear the existing packing out of the stuffing box. This can be most easily done using a corkscrewed packing extractor. Make sure all debris and materials are removed and that the packing area is clean. Smooth shaft: If there’s any corrosion or debris, emery paper can be used to clean the shaft. This will restore smoothness to the shaft and ensure it’s ready for repacking. It’s also a critical maintenance step over the life of your valve stem.... View Article

P91 Material Valve Repairs for Industrial Valves

April 30, 2017 10:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Fabricators and repair contractors working within industrial settings are becoming more exposed to P91 steel with each passing year. Where only a few decades ago—in the 1960s and 1970s—P22 steel was standard for most industrial valves, P91 has since bucked the trend and become the go-to material for design, installation and fabrication. It’s not hard to see why P91 is rapidly antiquating P22. Aptly named for its 9Cr-1Mo-V composition, P91 comes with higher operating temperature capabilities, extreme durability, lightweight installations and quicker repairs. It’s simply an all-around improvement over P22. All of these benefits are optimal for industrial settings, but they can present a few challenges to an inexperienced industrial valve repair service in Utah. Welders and repair technicians have to thoroughly understand the properties of P91 in their own right, as well as how they stack up against P22, to deliver repairs that are thorough and lasting. Heat’s role in properly repairing P91 Fabrication of P91 can be incredibly challenging. Instead of approaching something like valve repair from a basic SMAW or GTAW welding standpoint, preparation and finishing must first be considered. Specifically, welders must remember the importance of preheat and post-weld heat treatments to ensure repairs are thorough... View Article

The Dangers of Stress Cracks in Valve Components: An Overview from an Industrial Valve Repair Service in Utah

March 15, 2017 3:07 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Valves exist for a very simple reason: they regulate and stop the flow of a material through a pipeline. While the reason for their existence is simple, it is also essential. While the material traveling from point A to point B could be as innocuous as water, it could also be something environmentally hazardous—like oil or chemicals. Whatever the case may be, functional valves are a necessary part of safe plant operations. But as easy as it might be to forget about valve maintenance and upkeep in the rush of your busy workday, it needs to be done regularly to avoid a more serious situation. Let’s ask an industrial valve repair service in Utah about stress corrosion cracking in valve components. What is stress corrosion cracking? Pipelines and valves are not immune to the stresses of pressure and corrosion—especially in industries with caustic chemicals or super-heated liquids that move along at high speeds. Though the incremental damage may not be visible to the naked eye, it is there and constantly taking its toll. In short, corrosion cracking comes in the form of tiny, sometimes even microscopic cracks that weaken the integrity of pipeline components. For valves, this progressive damage can... View Article