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Lack of Skilled Labor Having an Impact on Hiring for Refinery and Industrial Applications

February 19, 2018 10:42 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

One of the biggest challenges facing any industry today is the hiring and retention of highly skilled labor. While it may be easy to find a worker with the most basic skills and training, keeping a hardworking professional is more difficult than it might seem. You might hear about this phenomenon most often in the technology field, where one organization is always hiring people from another and leaving a talent vacuum. It is no different in the refinery and industrial world, and as a provider of industrial valve reconditioning in Utah, we understand and feel the pressure created by these challenges. Today, as the economy evolves, workers are drawn to numerous industries and fields. When the need gets great enough and pay rises in an attempt to find qualified workers, talent has a way of returning and filling those needs. This cycle will continue indefinitely, regardless of the industry. Safety first When it comes to refinery work or other industrial applications, skilled professionals are not just responsible for getting the job done quickly and correctly; having a skilled hand on the job can be a matter of life and death. Without the right knowledge and training, a disaster could be... View Article

How Industrial Valve Services in Utah Can Improve Efficiency in Water Treatment Facilities

February 5, 2018 10:42 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Over the years, how we think about and use water has changed pretty dramatically. As it becomes a more scarce resource, we find ourselves reevaluating how it fits into daily life. While most people at home see it as a vital part of a healthy daily routine, a necessity for bathing and a way to keep their yards green, people in the water treatment business must see it differently. The facilities we maintain—many of which were built before ecological considerations were commonplace—are now aging and showing their inefficiencies. But they are not lost causes. There are many small things industrial valve services in Utah can do to make these facilities work harder and better for the people who rely on them. Smarter controls The fast pace of technology has changed many industries, including water treatment. What was once left to people is now being automated under the careful supervision of those professionals. The so-called Internet of Things is enabling facilities like water treatment plants to visualize and control many of the processes that used to require a human flipping a switch or turning a valve. Through smarter controls, the amount of water treated and piped out of a facility can... View Article

Why Custom Pressure Seal Rings Are a Smarter Investment Than OEM

December 28, 2017 9:22 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

At Intermountain Valve Services, Inc., one of our core specialties is building pressure seal rings in-house, instead of ordering OEM parts and waiting for them to come in. This provides our customers with tremendous value and makes working with us for industrial valve sales in Utah a smart option. But what makes custom-made pressure seal rings better than the standard OEM stock? And why come to us for these products? The answers are all about efficiency and value. Our many years of experience and unique insight into valve seal construction give us the power to create and apply seal solutions quickly and effectively. Built Faster and to Spec Far and away the best reason to come to us for custom pressure seal rings is the rapid turnaround time we offer. You won’t have to wait weeks to get the OEM seals you need for your specific valve. Instead, our in-house capabilities enable these rings to be produced quickly. What’s more, they’re made to OEM specifications, ensuring you’re not compromising on quality because you opted for a custom part. All of this means being able to replace old or faulty seals in your valves without delay, which means avoiding the costly... View Article

What Type of Repair or Reconditioning Services Do Your Valves Need?

December 12, 2017 9:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Valve malfunctions or failures need to be avoided at all costs, no matter what industry you’re in. Blown seals, corroded fitments, stripped threading and more are all catalysts for major problems, yet they can all be avoided with some careful reconditioning by a qualified expert. At Intermountain Valve Services, Inc., our scope of valve reconditioning and repair in Utah is expansive. It’s our number one mission to ensure your valves are getting the comprehensive attention they need to function smoothly and without operational concerns. In-Line Work We know it’s not always possible to completely quarantine and disassemble all of your valves, which is why we provide in-line work of the highest caliber. Offering both in-line repairs and reconditioning, we’re able to pinpoint problem areas with your valves and give them the targeted attention they need to avoid further damage or interruption. From corrosion mitigation to inspections, we’re ready to tackle your valves as part of a larger logistical system. Total Disassembly In cases of complete valve failure or retrofitting, a total disassembly of your valves may be required. Our team will properly disassemble the valve, pinpoint any and all major and minor faults, and either reassemble or replace the valve... View Article

Erosion Remediation to Restore the Integrity of Plant Valves

November 17, 2017 3:34 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

In plants dealing with caustic materials or pressurized liquids, erosion is a constant concern for equipment. Valves in particular have a tendency to suffer the effects of erosion, due in part to their systemic function. As a result, rusting and erosion can occur in a variety of ways, all of which require plant valve services in Utah. Spotting oxidation The first step in remedying rusted valves is understanding the scope of the oxidation and what components are affected or at risk. Rust is easy to spot, but it’s by no means confined to the components where it’s immediately present. For example, a rusted fitment can develop a slow leak, which can bead water to connected pieces, wearing thin the protective coating and leaving the metal exposed to humidity and other forms of oxidation. To truly understand the scope of rust and oxidation exposure, it’s important to examine the scope of any existing rust, as well as peripheral components affected, in addition to components within proximity of rust-inducing catalysts. Cleaning Surface rust or low-level deposits on a valve can be cleaned and treated to both remove rust and prevent rust formation. A professional can then re-treat metal components to protect against... View Article