Why Custom Pressure Seal Rings Are a Smarter Investment Than OEM

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At Intermountain Valve Services, Inc., one of our core specialties is building pressure seal rings in-house, instead of ordering OEM parts and waiting for them to come in. This provides our customers with tremendous value and makes working with us for industrial valve sales in Utah a smart option.

But what makes custom-made pressure seal rings better than the standard OEM stock? And why come to us for these products? The answers are all about efficiency and value. Our many years of experience and unique insight into valve seal construction give us the power to create and apply seal solutions quickly and effectively.

Built Faster and to Spec

Far and away the best reason to come to us for custom pressure seal rings is the rapid turnaround time we offer. You won’t have to wait weeks to get the OEM seals you need for your specific valve. Instead, our in-house capabilities enable these rings to be produced quickly. What’s more, they’re made to OEM specifications, ensuring you’re not compromising on quality because you opted for a custom part.

All of this means being able to replace old or faulty seals in your valves without delay, which means avoiding the costly leakages and failures that can come from waiting to swap out ineffective pressure seal rings.

Professional Insight

Our experts have been repairing, maintaining and reconditioning pressure valves for decades, which means we have unparalleled insight into the demands of your valves. Further, this means we can pinpoint the right type of seal solution for your valves based on their capacity and performance.

Simply put, we’ll be able to tell you if the OEM seal rings you’ve been using are performing appropriately. And, if they’re not, we can manufacture seals that will. This enables you to fix problems quickly and confidently, with a tailored solution that you can have faith in.

Reverse Engineering

Older valves and those specially designed for niche applications may not always have an ideal OEM seal option. In these instances, we utilize robust reverse-engineering capabilities to determine exactly what kind of valve seal you need. Then, we bring it to life with flawless rapidity. We’ll save you the trouble of searching tirelessly through part numbers, serials, fitment guides and design plans.

A Custom Solution

Few providers of industrial valve sales in Utah build their own pressure seal rings. At Intermountain Valve Services, Inc., we do, because it means offering a higher value to our clients and smarter solutions when their valves call for them. Our ability to operate outside the box, while still maintaining exceptional OEM standards, means delivering unparalleled value to any customer with valve seal needs.

If you’re having issues with your valve pressure seals and are looking for a solution that will hold up without failure, contact us about custom-built seals. We’ll thoroughly evaluate your valve and put our tremendous experience to work for you, to create a solution you can have confidence in. Best of all, we’ll do it quickly and carefully, without having to wait for OEM parts to arrive.

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