What Type of Repair or Reconditioning Services Do Your Valves Need?

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Valve malfunctions or failures need to be avoided at all costs, no matter what industry you’re in. Blown seals, corroded fitments, stripped threading and more are all catalysts for major problems, yet they can all be avoided with some careful reconditioning by a qualified expert.

At Intermountain Valve Services, Inc., our scope of valve reconditioning and repair in Utah is expansive. It’s our number one mission to ensure your valves are getting the comprehensive attention they need to function smoothly and without operational concerns.

In-Line Work

We know it’s not always possible to completely quarantine and disassemble all of your valves, which is why we provide in-line work of the highest caliber. Offering both in-line repairs and reconditioning, we’re able to pinpoint problem areas with your valves and give them the targeted attention they need to avoid further damage or interruption. From corrosion mitigation to inspections, we’re ready to tackle your valves as part of a larger logistical system.

Total Disassembly

In cases of complete valve failure or retrofitting, a total disassembly of your valves may be required. Our team will properly disassemble the valve, pinpoint any and all major and minor faults, and either reassemble or replace the valve to ensure it’s able to properly perform within the scope of its duties.

We can also rebuild singular components of a damaged or malfunctioning valve and install them as part of the disassembly process. We have reverse engineering capabilities and tenured knowledge of valve standards and components, ensuring we produce the right part for your valve.

Valve Stem and Seal Work

Does your valve stem need re-packing? Looking for a custom pressure seal solution? We offer service for both of these needs. Valve stems and pressure seals are integral focuses of valve reconditioning and repair in Utah, and they’re a core part of our capabilities. We perform services that will ensure the continued full functionality of your stems and seals, improving the life and performance of your valves and preventing larger developing issues down the line.

Seat Resurfacing

Got a problem with leaks in your valve? Seat resurfacing may be the reconditioning service you need to set things right. We offer this service to preserve your valve and restore its secure function, saving you the cost and invasiveness of having to seek out a replacement or larger refurbishing service.

Getting Reconditioning Done Right

Whether your valve requires in-line work, complete disassembly or something else entirely all depends on the nature of the valve and the scope of the problem. At Intermountain Valve Services, Inc., we strive to provide restorative services in a way that’s minimally invasive to your operations, yet maximally beneficial to the function and integrity of valves. Our goal is to keep valves operating efficiently, to extend their service life and avoid costly setbacks.

If your valves are in need of service, contact our staff to get them inspected. We’ll tell you upfront the scope of work that’s expected, so you can get a better understanding of what you need in terms of valve reconditioning and repair in Utah.

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