How Industrial Valve Services in Utah Can Improve Efficiency in Water Treatment Facilities

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Over the years, how we think about and use water has changed pretty dramatically. As it becomes a more scarce resource, we find ourselves reevaluating how it fits into daily life. While most people at home see it as a vital part of a healthy daily routine, a necessity for bathing and a way to keep their yards green, people in the water treatment business must see it differently.

The facilities we maintain—many of which were built before ecological considerations were commonplace—are now aging and showing their inefficiencies. But they are not lost causes. There are many small things industrial valve services in Utah can do to make these facilities work harder and better for the people who rely on them.

Smarter controls

The fast pace of technology has changed many industries, including water treatment. What was once left to people is now being automated under the careful supervision of those professionals. The so-called Internet of Things is enabling facilities like water treatment plants to visualize and control many of the processes that used to require a human flipping a switch or turning a valve. Through smarter controls, the amount of water treated and piped out of a facility can be dialed in like never before. No more staring at gauges and waiting.

Valve replacement

As with any system that relies on valves and seals, components will wear out. After years of heavy use, valve replacement can make for a fairly simple fix to what can be a big problem. A leaky or damaged valve can mean contamination, pressure loss and more, but by evaluating and fixing weak links you can improve the efficiency throughout the plant almost instantly. It’s like trying to drink from a straw with a hole in the middle of it; as you try to pull water through, it slips out the side. The same is true of a plant with a compromised valve. You’ll get some of the water, but not all of it.

Smart positioners

As mentioned earlier, smarter tools make the water treatment game much simpler. Smart positioners are giving unprecedented flow control to facilities. By relaying the actual, precise location of the valve at any given moment, new positioners allow for precision controls of the valves they are mounted on and the flows that travel through them. When it comes to water treatment, or the management of this precious resource, you can never be too careful or precise.


Like any other part of a water treatment facility, actuators must be repaired and replaced occasionally for maximum efficiency. Be sure that your inspection team looks carefully at all actuators to ensure proper function, top-notch efficiency and good results overall.

Water is becoming a scarce resource, and many water treatment plants were not built with this issue in mind. As a result, they are not as efficient as they could be. The good news is that industrial valve services in Utah can help. Contact Intermountain Valve Services, Inc. today for actuator repair, valve replacement and other repair and reconditioning services!

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