Lack of Skilled Labor Having an Impact on Hiring for Refinery and Industrial Applications

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One of the biggest challenges facing any industry today is the hiring and retention of highly skilled labor. While it may be easy to find a worker with the most basic skills and training, keeping a hardworking professional is more difficult than it might seem. You might hear about this phenomenon most often in the technology field, where one organization is always hiring people from another and leaving a talent vacuum. It is no different in the refinery and industrial world, and as a provider of industrial valve reconditioning in Utah, we understand and feel the pressure created by these challenges.

Today, as the economy evolves, workers are drawn to numerous industries and fields. When the need gets great enough and pay rises in an attempt to find qualified workers, talent has a way of returning and filling those needs. This cycle will continue indefinitely, regardless of the industry.

Safety first

When it comes to refinery work or other industrial applications, skilled professionals are not just responsible for getting the job done quickly and correctly; having a skilled hand on the job can be a matter of life and death. Without the right knowledge and training, a disaster could be set in motion. At a refinery, an industrial valve reconditioning gone wrong could mean a catastrophe that injures or kills others and irreversibly damages that surrounding environment. Skilled, highly trained labor is essential.

Efficiency second

There should be no argument that a skilled professional will always be faster and safer than someone learning on the job. In a high-risk industrial setting, getting a job done faster and safer can be the difference between a profitable day and one that puts your company in the red. Which sounds like a better outcome to you?

So, how do I compete?

Oftentimes, companies are stuck choosing between attracting new, trained workers with the promise of pay and implementing more creative solutions. In the technology and medical fields, the promise of on-the-job training programs and benefits offers enough incentive for an employee to pass up the higher paying job for one that will offer lasting opportunities for growth and advancement. This will cost money, yes, but an employee with a reason to stay is worth two employees who will jump at the first sign of a bigger paycheck.

How can I retain workers?

Now that you have employees that are willing to learn and eager to work, you’ll need to keep them. Offering ongoing training is one way to keep their attention, but you can also offer career planning options to make them want to stay. An employee that can see the road ahead is less likely to become frustrated and wonder why they haven’t achieved a certain pay rate or promotion. Consider taking the mystery out of the process and becoming an active participant in their career.

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