Are You in Need of Industrial Valve Sales in Utah? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Get Started

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Control valves are an integral aspect of the daily operation of an industrial business. Refineries, processing plants, chemical production facilities and solar and geothermal power plants all utilize control valves in their industrial processes and operations. Because of how important valves are for your business, it is important that you carefully select the correct valves before you purchase them. Knowing which questions to ask when you begin looking into industrial valve sales in Utah will ultimately help you make the best purchasing decision possible:

  • What will your valve be used for? Industrial valves range widely in shape, size and intended use, and because of how many varying applications there are for control valves, you should carefully consider the needs of your specific operation when you are choosing control valves. In order to reduce the chance of leakages, make sure that you choose a valve that is designed to accommodate the gas or liquid of the specific viscosity that your system processes.
  • What temperature will the system be processing? Temperature is an important consideration for your control valves. Depending on the temperature of the matter that is passing through your system, it may expand or contract as it passes through your system. Anticipating these changes will give you the insight that you need to choose the best valve for you.
  • What will the pressure be? You have to take the pressure of the matter you are processing into consideration in order to choose a valve that will not cause any leakages. Intermountain Valve Services, Inc. carries valves in all pressure classes, from 125 and 400 to 2500 PSI rating.
  • Do you have a maintenance plan in place? Even the highest quality valves will go through normal wear and tear and eventually break down if they are not cared for or maintained regularly. Working with a professional provider of valve repairs, maintenance services and reconditioning will allow you to keep your valves in excellent working order for years to come. With the right maintenance plans, you will save valuable time, money and energy that would otherwise be spent on costly and time-intensive part repairs and replacements.
  • Have you found a reputable distributor of valves? When you are looking for a provider of industrial valve sales in Utah, you should make sure that whomever you choose to work with is reputable and reliable. A valve that has been industry-approved and certified can be an investment that will serve your business for years. Even if the approved product costs a bit more, it is well worth it in the long run to have a part that you can rely on to do the job effectively.

If you need help outfitting your industrial facility with high-quality valves, our team at Intermountain Valve Services, Inc. can help. We stock a full inventory of parts and we are dedicated to helping our customers find the perfect components for their specific applications. We specialize in the sale of OEM replacement valves to meet your needs. In addition to offering industrial valve sales in Utah, we also offer service, maintenance, repair, replacement and valve reconditioning to keep your equipment operating at its highest capacity.

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